WE’RE experts at polishing web content you’ve written yourself.

Writing for the web is a specialised skill. I can analyse and enhance your content to ensure it has the right structure, reads well, and is error free.

Even the greatest of writers need an editor. So too do busy businesspeople bashing out some words on their laptops in front of the TV after work.

Essentially, any website that makes the visitor work is doomed to struggle.

I control the quality of your content so your website is easy for potential customers to consume and digest.

It’s always a huge shame when eager businesspeople slog away to produce content for their new website, only to discover they’ve done it wrong and therefore wasted their time and money.

Reason To Shut You Down

A key purpose of your website is to give potential customers reasons to choose you – which I will make stand out loud and clear – but it’s also important to eliminate reasons for them NOT to choose you.

Careless errors serve as a big turn-off as they give the impression of sloppiness and scream unprofessionalism.

Take the example below, which appears prominently on the website of a Brisbane termite treatment business.




If you search for “termite treatment Brisbane”, Google offers 67,000 returns. Not all of them are businesses, of course, but nevertheless it’s a highly congested and competitive industry.

I know of a customer who was just about to ring this business for a quote when he noticed that they had the wrong spelling for Termidor, which is probably the leading chemical treatment product for pest controllers.

This customer understandably asked himself, “If they don’t even know how the product is spelled, how can I have confidence they know how to use it?”.

He also figured, “That’s careless and sloppy, so do I really want to trust them to inspect, and maybe treat, my house for termites?”. (They also wrote the plural possessive industries’ when it should have been the singular industry’s.)

That pest controller missed out on the business as the customer quickly moved on to the next website on the list.

Sloppiness Costs A Fortune

Now, a termite inspection can cost hundreds of dollars, treatments then run to a few hundred more, and preventative barriers run into the thousands of dollars.

So that typo has cost a lot of money. Even if just one customer a year is turned-off, failure to have their website content checked has cost that pest controller a small fortune over the life of the business. Far more than the expense of a professional edit.

Fact is, the internet has matured and sophisticated. In the early days, people were just so blown away by the technology they were willing to overlook ugly presentation and shabby writing, which they would never excuse in a newspaper or magazine.

Those days are gone.

More is Expected Online

Now the net is humdrum and a website is expected. Most customers research online before buying a product or service. If you’re not online, then you miss out.

They refuse to be kept waiting, hate to be put to any effort, and punish slackness with a blazingly fast exit.

Good news is, I can help you avoid all that to survive and thrive online.

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