Switch to pro writing for online real estate listing

UNLESS you are the formerly rich actor Nicolas Cage, nobody buys residential property on impulse.

Property is a considered and thoughtful purchase, but those thoughts are heavily influenced by emotions.

In fact, “Most people buy property for reasons other than rational facts, then rationalise their decision in their own minds afterwards”, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s training.

That’s a powerful truth to know.

A clever agent will identify the emotional motivations likely for a home and then subtly and skilfully stir and strengthen those feelings and desires in buyers.

If you’re neglecting to achieve this in your online listings, then you are missing an opportunity.

Be advised, though, this is a sophisticated online copywriting task and one best delegated to an experienced persuasive writer.

Which leads me to my next important point – pro copywriting boosts your listing power too. What is more compelling to a potential client – a busy agent bashing out some cliches, adjectives and bullet points, or a professional scribe working in harmony with the property pictures to fire up buyer desire?

Unavoidable tool of the trade

For Australian real estate agents, RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au are now an inescapable part of doing business.

Search online for “homes for sale” plus any city, town or suburb you like and the top organic result will usually be one followed by the other.

So, you pretty much have to use REA and Domain and for a lot of agents (who don’t have access to an in-house copywriting team) that means they have to write the description for the online property profile.

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The write-ups are in the profile for a reason – buyers naturally want to read about the home for sale, and this is an excellent opportunity to show off your property’s most attractive features.

An REA property description.
A property description that we produced. Please click to view in full.

But, it can create some issues for real estate agents:

  1. Writing well is a skill, and web writing is a highly specialised discipline. As a salesperson, your strengths lie in other areas
  2. It takes up time that can be spent chasing fresh listings and buyers. Or you just throw something up in a rush and that reflects poorly on the home you’re trying to sell.

One way to solve these problems is to use a professional writer, particularly one who knows how to produce content for web readers.

And, if you think about it, your vendor is probably going to prefer their home is written up by an expert scribe.

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