CLEVER, compelling content – that’s what makes your website a success.

No customer ever picks up the phone because a website uses elegant coding, or the fonts look pretty.

Design plays a valuable supporting role but … Content Rules The Web.

It’s the words, images and videos on a website that persuade and propel customers to action.

Smart operators, therefore, grab on to the best content producer they can find to give themselves the supreme chance of success.

It’s Harder Than It Looks

All professional wordsmithing is challenging. It takes training and experience. But the web presents particular challenges.

You have mere seconds to tell a web visitor exactly what it is you do and give them a reason to stick around. If you fail, they click the red cross in the corner and they’re off like a shot to your competitor.

And, most of the time, people don’t really read on the web – they scan.

That means the content needs to be written – and structured – in a highly disciplined, specific way.

Better Use A Pro

Here’s the bottom line: If your website is going to explain your Unique Value Proposition to potential customers, who are incredibly impatient and only prepared to scan-read, you’ll need to have the content millimetre perfect – and that means using a web content professional.

Anyway, do you really want the chore of writing content for your website? Frankly, your time would be better – and more profitably – spent on your strengths, not slogging away at a burdensome and time-devouring job that’s well outside your area of expertise anyway.

Nick Moore Media has the content skills and web-use expertise to deliver a website that really works, and that you will be proud to show people.

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